Hillary’s Huge Mistake That Will Get Her & Obama LOCKED UP for Treason!

Thread Reader has posted some very damning evidence of what it says is clear proof of “an orchestrated and planned scheme by a corrupt sitting administration, working with a partisan campaign team and paid media to destroy a rival campaign and innocent American citizen.”

The claim involves the revelation of a simple fact the Propaganda Machine chose to ignore.

On October 31, 2016 the Hillary campaign team, through advisor Jake Sullivan, put out an official campaign statement saying that based on an article in Slate magazine, Trump had a previously undisclosed private email server in Trump tower that was linked to a Russian bank called Alfa. This, says Sullivan, was clear evidence of collusion between then-candidate Trump and the Russians.

The ‘planned scheme’ part becomes apparent when one looks at the posting times of both documents. Thread writes:

“Now check this out. You can see that the Slate article was published on 31 October 2016 at 5.36 pm. Clinton’s tweet? Exactly the same time”:

Thread claims that Fusion is the only logical ‘conduit’ for the orchestration and states, “We will see many more connections between Obama’s administration, the Clinton campaign, Fusion GPS, the corrupt FBI/DOJ cabal who got the raw intel, as well as paid reporters/outlets in the coming weeks, as the greatest scandal in American history comes into sharper focus.”

The cadre of Clinton cronies grows every day. If, and when, the full extent of Clinton corruption is exposed, it will forever alter the sense of privilege political and media elites in this country have enjoyed via the Deep State’s blessings.

Source: http://goldpolitics.com