Trump Just Gave Pelosi and Schumer MORE Devastating News — Liberals are Speechless…

There is a sever disconnect between some (i.e. liberal) economists and the facts swirling around them.

Eleven-months worth of financial reports on the economy in the era of President Trump have had the following consistent themes writes Forbes: non-farm payrolls were added monthly, the unemployment rate remained under 5 percent (currently 4.1) and average hourly earnings grew.

That may not sound stellar and headlines worthy news, but when you consider that Obama and his fiduciary cronies were trying to tell Americans that their best days were behind them and that they should except the condescendingly termed ‘new normal,’ the growth is very welcomed news.

The growth in payrolls hinges on two key industries. The first, healthcare, has no real bearing on economic policies since the demographic-driven necessities of aging Baby Boom generation rules that industry. The second, manufacturing, has a direct correlation to the economic vision of President Trump.

By rolling back suffocating regulations from the Obama, Bush and Clinton eras, Trump has given a booster shot to the arm of a VITAL part of our economic success story.

Bloomberg has posted a chart from the Institute from Supply Management (a key watch dog of the manufacturing industry) in which it is clear that since 2017, manufacturing took off after wallowing for at least six years.

In those years, just as a reminder, we were led by an ineffective and indifferent president who felt secure enough during a 2016 town hall meeting to tell manufacturers and their employees, “Some of those jobs of the past are just not going to come back,”, Legal Insurrection quotes Obama as saying.

The era of Trump has been the embodiment of the following response: ‘Wanna fricking bet?”

The steady growth of manufacturing jobs under President Trump has been the best streak since 2004 and future forecasts call for the continued growth of “domestic business investment, improving global economies and steady spending by American households,” writes Bloomberg. The chart below, tweeted by the National Association of Manufacturers, shows (with the green line) the surge in customer orders indicative of confident consumers returning to the economic cycle.

There are also two confluent occurrences that speak well of the Trump recovery: the stock market has gained an unbelievable 7,000 points just in 2017 and, due to a weakening dollar, U.S. exports will be looking more and more enticing to foreign markets.

With all of this good news coming together, what does the Left say? ‘What? 148,000 jobs instead of the forecasted 190,000? This is the end-of-the-world Paul Krugman warned us about!’

Wrong again libtards. But go on believing that, we’ll just be here winning under Trump.