Last year, liberal comedian Kathy Griffin participated in a photoshoot in which she decapitated President Donald Trump and posed with his severed head. Since then, her career has gone into a complete free fall, and she has learned the hard way that she made a huge mistake in threatening to assassinate the sitting president.

Freedom Daily reported that Griffin has just announced that she will be leaving the United States for at least four years due to her hatred of Trump. She has tried to play the victim since her beheading scandal, claiming that she is being persecuted by Americans who were disturbed by what she did and that at the age of 57, she does not have time to be patient.

Griffin reportedly just completed an international comedy tour as she travelled the world bashing Trump. During a show in Dublin, Ireland, Griffin reportedly fainted onstage because being a leftwing extremist is just so dang exhausting!

Griffin has also been in a public feud with CNN’s Anderson Cooper since her former friend and coworker turned on her following the beheading scandal. Griffin had spent years doing a New Year’s Eve show with Cooper, but even he did not want anything to do with her after she beheaded the president on camera and made sure CNN promptly fired her.

Griffin fired back by calling Cooper a “spineless heiress,” referring to the fact that he is a member of the wealthy Vanderbilt family. Cooper has previously said that he will not inherit any of the Vanderbilt fortune, and acknowledged that he was very lucky to grow up with “great privilege.”

Clearly, Griffin is mentally unstable to say the least and our country is much better off without her. SHARE this story if you think Griffin should stay away from the U.S. forever!


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