Trump Just Dropped The TRUTH About His Son And America Will NEVER Look At Don Jr. The Same Way Again

President Trump may have the most difficult job in the world, but it will never stop him from being a loving family man and supportive father.

Amidst circling rumors of Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Kremlin-connected lawyer, President Trump took to Twitter in an effort to clear his oldest son’s name and set the record straight regarding his character.

President Trump promoted Sean Hannity’s interview with Don Jr. on Fox News, and added what appeared to be a clear rebuke to Democrats’ ridiculous accusations of “treason.”

“He is a great person who loves our country!” President Trump said of Don Jr.

Not only did the tweet echo a statement he issued Tuesday afternoon, in which he said Don Jr. “is a high quality person,” but Trump has proved his commitment to these statements by keeping his family close. It may have been easier for Trump to protect his own image during such a turbulent time with the media, but he instead chose to stand by his flesh and blood amidst such disgusting character assassinations.

This is the type of man we need leading our nation. A President who understands what’s truly important for the country AND on the homefront.

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