Jay Leno Blackballed By Hollywood After Taking Massive Stand For Trump

For the past year, President Donald Trump has been relentlessly mocked by late night television hosts whose careers appear to hinge on delivering low-blow jokes. This week, late night legend Jay Leno surprised the nation by taking a stand for Trump.

Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon was criticized earlier this week after he was accused of “humanizing” Trump by staying away from political jokes. Leno spoke out to defend Fallon for refusing to bash the President.

“We live in an era now where if you don’t take sides, but sides hate you,” Leno explained. “Bush was dumb, and Clinton was horny. When I was doing a monologue, I never questioned anybody’s patriotism—you questioned their judgment.”

Leno went on to slam hosts who take their attacks on Trump too far, saying they are “overindulging” in mean-spirited comedy.

“I am not a Trump fan at all, not in the slightest, not in the least,” Leno said. “But this constant pounding does have a tendency to anesthetize your feelings. It should be called, ‘What Did Trump Do Now?’ That’s basically what everybody’s monologue is. You almost wish for a normal day, just to have a joke.”

What do you think of Leno’s comments?